Rise in Male Consultation for Cosmetic Procedures

Men have had an increased interest in injectable cosmetic procedures in the past year, likely due to the prevalence of online video conferences. Reports show that there has been a 70% rise in requests for cosmetic surgeries and treatments like Botox or dermal fillers in 2020 alone. Clinics for aesthetics in London and elsewhere in the UK have seen a rise in their number of patients as more and more people grow dissatisfied with their appearance.

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According to a report, people have been looking to be “Zoom-ready”, which is why there is a surge in demand for such procedures. 11% of men said that they felt like they looked five years older. This was largely caused by the stress brought upon by being stuck in their homes and not being able to do what they normally had.

People on Zoom and other video calling platforms have seen themselves more in the past year compared to the other years before that. Because of this, it was the first time for them to have seen something they thought that needed correction, such as sagging skin and wrinkles.

Since Botox and dermal filler are the main solutions for these, the enquiries and questions about the procedures have increased. Botox is by far the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world, and it has been used by many individuals, including celebrities and other public figures. The main consensus as to why it is used is due to its anti-ageing benefits and minimally invasive nature.

This injectable helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which are considered the most obvious sign of ageing. These lines form when the skin becomes thinner and loses its strength and elasticity. Additionally, the facial muscles also become tighter, which makes expression lines look more prominent.

On a global scale, the UK is the fastest-growing market for fillers, valued at £1bn a year. According to a report in 2019, in recent years, men have wanted to have a “tweaked” look as opposed to a “tucked” look. This is why they have been getting Botox for their wrinkles and dermal fillers to make their jawlines look more defined and masculine. The chin enhancement procedure FaceTite has also been popular among men because it reduces double chins too.

Aside from Zoom fatigue, there is increasing corporate pressure to look younger. One report says that people have considered anti-ageing treatment, profhilo, a procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin. Profhilo, Botox, and dermal fillers are usually inserted in the chin and on the jawline.

One man, in particular, spent a total of £1,800 on various anti-ageing treatments. He said that these procedures gave him a much-needed confidence boost.

In the US, there is a known pressure for 40-year-olds to look younger. In 2019, there was a lawsuit against tech giant Google with the allegation that they were discriminating against older applicants in their hiring process.

Google said that age discrimination is an issue that should be addressed properly by the tech industry. A report by the Washington Post revealed that some tech workers get regular cosmetic procedures. According to them, this is because if people know your age in the tech industry, they would give you certain tasks that may hurt your career. A plastic surgeon said that in Silicon Valley, it is commonly believed that those over 35 years old have already lost their edge.

In the past 20 years, there has been a 99% increase in men getting dermal fillers and cosmetic surgeries. The majority of these men have work in the city. With the lockdowns, more people were encouraged to get a cosmetic procedure because they did not have to try hard to hide the swelling and bruising that came afterwards.

The minimal downtime and natural results are among the main reasons why some treatments are so popular.

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), in the past years, male cosmetic procedures accounted for 8% of the 2019 total. The most common procedure is the lower body lift.

The increase in recent years may be attributed to the growing awareness of mental health issues. Men’s mental health awareness gained momentum in 2020 with the promotion of the campaign by prominent public figures such as Prince William and Prince Harry. Their campaign has done a lot to help remove the stigma against men talking about how they feel and have led to a more open dialogue.

Former BAAPS President Rajiv Grover said the evidence shows that people who have struggled with their psychological health can feel a certain pressure to fix their appearance quickly. This is why a thorough assessment of a patient’s mental health is required before they undergo major procedures.

Paul Harris, BAAPS President and consultant plastic surgeon, said that year on year, the cosmetic surgery industry continues to grow, and there is a noticeable increase in confidence in the patient after every procedure.

Harris added that undergoing a cosmetic procedure should not be taken lightly. He encourages talking to professionals first before getting the operation. It would also be beneficial to have a thorough assessment of the patient’s physical and psychological well-being before administering any form of operation to alter one’s look.

The BAAPS is based at the Royal College of Surgeons and is a non-profit organisation. It was established to help push the education and practice of aesthetic plastic surgery for the benefit of the public.

Get the Right Cosmetic Treatments from Professionals

Men do not have to be too self-conscious if they want to have a cosmetic procedure. It is only natural for them to want to look their best, whether in Zoom calls or when meeting people in person. Confidence is the key to success, and if a small procedure can help, then everyone is welcome to be their best.

We at Dr Ayad Aesthetics Clinic in London care about how you look and feel. Walk into our aesthetics clinic in London today, and let us help you. We have many services, from non-surgical to life-changing surgical operations.

Our clinic takes pride in the high standard we set for ourselves, which is why you can rest assured that the results you will get are something you will be proud of. Call us today for your enquiries.

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