The most popular nonsurgical treatments by Dr Ayad to rejuvenate, lift and tighten the face

Face Dr Ayad Harb

Facial Design

Full assessment and holistic treatment of all aesthetic and ageing concerns

Face Dr Ayad Harb


Internal Laser treatment for skin tightening and fat reduction

Face Dr Ayad Harb

Brows and upper face

Treatment of the forehead, brows and temples


Face Dr Ayad Harb


The most popular cosmetic treatment in the world to reduce wrinkles

Face Dr Ayad Harb

Mid-face, cheeks & eyes

Lift cheeks, restore facial volume and reduce dark circles

Face Dr Ayad Harb

Facial Fillers

Injectable fillers to reduce lines and improve facial volume and balance

Face Dr Ayad Harb

Lower face, chin & neck

Improve chin balance and jawline definition

Face Dr Ayad Harb

Lip Enhancement

Improve lip shape, size and hydration for a natural beautiful shape 

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