Fat Dissolving

Double chin can be a very stubborn area that is difficult to shift, despite weight loss or exercise.

Fat Dissolving Dr Ayad Harb

What are fat dissolving injections?

Deoxycholic Acid, (marketed as Kybella, Belkyra, Aqualyx and Celluforme) is an injectable solution that helps to emulsify fat, leading to the reorganisation of dermal tissues and a lipolytic and lifting result. Amongst this group of treatments, Celluform is unique because it contains other ingredients, such as Nicotinamide – a vasodialator Amino Acids Arnica Montana – which soothes the skin and decreases redness and inflammation.

Which areas can be treated for fat dissolving?

The main target area for treatment is the double chin. Other areas of the face, cheeks and neck can also be treated to help reduce the heaviness of the fat and the contour of the skin.

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