Chemical Peel

Improve skin texture and radiance with medical skin peels

Chemical Peel Dr Ayad Harb

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is an acidic solution made up of naturally occurring acids such as alphahydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), glycolic or salicylic acid combined with other skincare ingredients. Chemical peels are often used in combination with micro-needling in order to resurface and improve the health of the skin.

Chemical peels can be very superficial, meaning less aggressive, to give your skin a beautiful glow; or they can be deep, meaning that they penetrate deeply into the skin and can resurface the skin completely.

How does a chemical peel work?

The chemical peel is applied to the skin to resurface the top layer of the skin in order to promote the growth of new skin cells. The regenerated skin is smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin, creating a fresh-faced glow. 

Who is suitable for a chemical peel?

Patients who seek to improve skin texture and radiance, fading of brown spots, acne treatment, brighter complexion, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and refined pores would be the ideal candidates for this treatment.

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