Brows and upper face

Raising and balancing brows, and restoring the natural curves to the forehead and temples

Brows and upper face Dr Ayad Harb

Forehead fillers

Forehead fillers are useful for restoring the convex curvature of the forehead and reducing any hollows or harsh shadows which can appear more masculine. Forehead lines and wrinkles can be reduced using botox injections or in more extreme cases, may require filler injections.

Temple hollowing

Temple hollows occur with ageing or after significant weight loss or illness. They create an imbalance in the face, which may sometimes be difficult to characterise. Temple hollowing is corrected with filler to take away the signs of ageing and restore the natural shape and contour of the face.

Brow lifting without surgery

Brow lift and brow balancing are very popular requests. Brow lifting ca be achieved without surgery, suing a combination of botox and dermal filler injections. The results are conservative, but this is the easiest and least invasive method of lifting the brows. Brow lift with fillers can also produce impressive results by replenishing the natural fat pockets around the brow and temple. Overall, you can expect to achieve 2-3mm of brow lift without surgery.

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