Complex Nose Correction

Dr Ayad is a specialist in the nonsurgical correction of complex noses, such as deviation, scarring and collapse after surgery.

Complex Nose Correction Dr Ayad Harb

Nose correction after surgery

Surgical rhinoplasty is a complex procedure used for correcting nasal deviations, breathing difficulties as well as aesthetic concerns. However it is associated with a high risk of complications and unsatisfactory results and it is not unusual for patients to require multiple revision surgeries and still be left with a problematic nose, both in terms of aesthetics and function.

Collapse and asymmetry are some of the most common complications seen after surgery. They are often not seen immediately after surgery, due to the swelling, which can camouflage many of the problems that lie beneath the surface of the skin. However, as the swelling subsides and the scar tissue begins to contract, the nose can start to change and reveal dips and ridges, contour irregularities and asymmetries.

Complex Rhinoplasty is considered higher risk than typival treatments. In the right hands, however, they can be life-changing with fabulous results that help to fade away the physical, and mental scars of previous surgery or trauma.

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