Nonsurgical Treatments

We believe in nonsurgical

We have selected the very best products and most popular treatments, all performed by Dr Ayad and his team of experienced and highly-trained professionals. Whether it is your lips, nose, skin or something else- from minor tweaks to beautiful transformations, our menu of selected nonsurgical treatments will leave you looking and feeling fabulous!

Restoring beauty and self belief

Non-surgical treatments like botox, dermal fillers, nonsurgical nose jobs and full-face rejuvenations have overtaken their surgical counterparts as the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. Their popular appeal is all to do with how easy and painless they are, the instant results and their affordability and relatively low risk profile.

Your Aesthetic Journey Starts Here

Non Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Nose

Correcting bumps, lifting tips, straightening deviations and undoing the signs of surgery

Non Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Face

Lip enhancement, Cheek lifting, skin tightening, jawline definition and full facial design

Non Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Skin

Microneedling, Radiofrequency, Hydro-facial, PRP, medical skincare, chemical peels

Non Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Hair

Hair-loss prevention, Plasma treatment, LED therapy, medical therapy

Non Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Body

Excess sweating, fat dissolving, hand treatments and stretch marks

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