Cosmetic surgery

We believe in minimally invasive, short-scar and low risk cosmetic surgery

It is vital to recognise that some concerns can only be treated with surgery. Dr Ayad is a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in both the surgical and nonsurgical treatments, putting him in an ideal position to be able to advise you fairly and offer the best treatment from across the full spectrum, that will help you achieve the results you desire.

When it comes to surgery, Dr Ayad has developed a menu of specialised treatments for the face and body, always maintaining the principles of minimally-invasive, short-scar, low-risk cosmetic operations that deliver the results

Treatments that make you feel as good as you look

Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Face

Ear Correction, Lip Lift, Liposuction, Brow Lift, Buccal Fat Removal, FACEtite, Eyelid Lift

Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Skin

Lumps & bumps, Scar correction

Surgical Dr Ayad Harb

My Body

Liposuction, Fat transfer, BODYtite, Gynaecomastia

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