Botox is the single most popular cosmetic treatment in the world, and has become a by-word for all things cosmetic, injectable and anti-ageing!

Botox Dr Ayad Harb

Wrinkle reduction and reversing the signs of ageing

The appearance of wrinkles and lines in the face is the most obvious and recognisable sign of ageing. This occurs due to the skin becoming thinner and losing its strength, as well as the facial muscles becoming more tense and creating more aggressive expression lines.

Why do wrinkles appear?

Your face has dozens of small muscles that move and create your facial expressions. However, when these muscles become very strong and over-expressive, they start to produce wrinkles and, with time, these wrinkles start to become ingrained in your skin. Botulinum toxin (marketed as Botox, Azzalure, Bocouture) is a substance that is injected under the skin, with the aim of relaxing these overactive muscles and give you smoother, younger looking skin, which is free from harsh lines and wrinkles.

Which areas can be treated with Botox?

The typical areas that are treated with botox are the frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crows’ feet.

Dr Ayad’s approach is to soften the expression and reduce the wrinkles, making your skin look fresher, smoother and younger, without a frozen or unnatural appearance.

Botox for Jawline slimming and teeth grinding

The masseter is a strong chewing muscle found at the back of your jaw. This muscle can become tense and overgrown due to chewing gum, tension and grinding teeth. This tense masseter muscle can then start produce bruxism, which is strong clenching of the teeth, resulting in jaw pain, teeth grinding and tension headache. Botox can also be used to effectively treat overactive muscles in the jawline, to relieve these symptoms and teeth-grinding habit.
As a very welcome side-effect, this treatment also has the effect of slimming your face to produce a tapered and softer jawline.

Botox for excessive sweating

Botox is also very useful for treating excessive sweating – Hyperhidrosis. This is a common condition which leads to excessive sweating, especially in times of stress, like job interviews, public speaking and even wedding days! Hyperhidrosis can have debilitating social and psychological consequences, with sufferers having to avoid shaking hands or becoming restricted to wearing dark clothing that doesn’t expose the sweating. Botox is injected into the problem areas, typically under-arms, hands or even parts of the face, to produce a very welcome relief from hyperhidrosis, with results lasting 6 months or longer.

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