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Sometimes, you know you need something for your face or body, 

but you don’t know what that something is!

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Injectables and skin treatments

Our services Dr Ayad Harb


Cosmetic surgery for the face and body



Advanced training with Dr Ayad

Why do I look tired?

What can I do to look fresher?

Which treatment do I need?

The world of aesthetics and the myriad of treatments available out there can be overwhelming for many. We don’t expect you to always know precisely which treatment you need, so we are here to guide you. We will always recommend the simplest, safest and most effective treatment,  designed around you!

Our clinic services are simple and very easy to navigate. We have a comprehensive list of nonsurgical and surgical treatments from which to choose.  So if you know what treatment you want, please choose below.

If you don’t know what you need and would prefer to have a chat with one of our specialists

to get your Personal Aesthetic Plan from Dr Ayad and the team

Our services Dr Ayad Harb


Dip your toes into aesthetics

Whether it is your lips, nose, skin or something else – from minor tweaks to beautiful transformations – our menu of selected nonsurgical treatments offer some fantastic solutions. Nonsurgical treatments like botox, dermal fillers, nonsurgical nose jobs and full face rejuvenations have overtaken their surgical counterparts as the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. Their popular appeal is all to do with how easy and painless the treatments are, and the low risk and cost they carry.

Find out more about our selection of non-surgical treatments and tweaks

Our services Dr Ayad Harb


The right treatment at the right time

We are big believers in doing the smallest treatment possible, with the least risk and lowest cost. However, we recognise that  some concerns can only be treated with surgery. Dr Ayad is a consultant plastic surgeon with extensive experience in both the surgical and nonsurgical options, putting him in an ideal position to be able to advise you fairly and offer the BEST treatment from across the full spectrum, that will help you achieve the results you desire. 

Dr Ayad has developed a specialised menu of surgical treatments for your face and body. Come in for a consultation to discuss your options.

Our services Dr Ayad Harb


If you are a experienced clinician looking to specialise or spend a day with Dr Ayad to gain a broader experience, please check out our training page.

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If you don’t know what you need and would prefer to have a chat with one of our specialists, then

with Dr Ayad and his team to get your Personal Aesthetic Plan.