Lip Enhancement

Lip Fillers are a very popular and non-invasive procedure used to plump and shape your lips.

Lip Enhancement Dr Ayad Harb

Lip fillers

Lip Fillers are a very popular and non-invasive procedure used to plump and shape your lips. The treatment is comfortable, results are instant and there is minimal downtime, making this an ideal ‘look-good and feel-amazing’ treatment that will fit around your lifestyle.


Dr Ayad's guide to lip fillers

Lip fillers can be a confusing prospect because of the countless techniques, buzzwords and jargon that are used and advertised. Lip fillers can also be a scary prospect for many, due to the pictures of overinflated, unnatural and often ridiculous results that we see on social media.

Dr Ayad has developed a simple guide and grading system to help you choose the treatment that is right for you.

Grade 1 Very natural, more juicy and hydrated lips. Perfect for first-timers and those looking for an ultra-subtle change

Grade 2 Natural enhancement with a soft filler to produce a subtle volume and plumping without being overly noticeable. Our most popular option – ideal for most people!

Grade 3 Volumising treatment to produce stunning enhancement of the size and shape of your lips, without harsh or overfilled results. Ideal for those wanting noticeable volume

Grade 4 Large volume enhancement of the lips using dynamic fillers for striking volume and a luscious shape. This may require more than one treatment.

TOP TIP: Overfilled lips can dominate your face and detract from your natural beauty

Natural is always best

Our favourite lip fillers will help you achieve your desired size and shape. We always recommend a natural look that will suit your face and avoid the typical appearance of overfilled lips. All treatments are performed with Hyaluronic Acid, which will attract water to leave you with soft well hydrated lips. The unique properties of our filler products allow them to move and stretch with your lips, and never become hard or lumpy.

Our treatments are a great solution for naturally-thin lips and the loss of volume that can occur with age. For whatever reason, lip fillers are an easy solution to restoring the fullness that you desire.

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