Facial design by Dr Ayad

Instantly Youthful; Beautifully Natural

Facial design by Dr Ayad Dr Ayad Harb

Imagine this – you look in the mirror or see yourself in a photo or on the screen during a Zoom call and you feel that your face looks tired, drawn, haggard. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you need something to make you look and feel fresher, brighter, better. Does this sound familiar? This is a story that we frequently hear from our patients.

We all have our personal hang-ups and insecurities, and with a bewildering range of treatments available, often we do not know what we might need or what is going to make the biggest difference. Allow us to help you make sense of it all!

Dr Ayad is a Plastic Surgeon with years of specialist experience in cosmetic surgery and aesthetics at the highest level. He combines scientific knowledge with artistic flair and unbending ethical principles to produce a distinctive aesthetic style and unmistakably beautiful results.

Through many thousands of hours and after thousands of patients and treatments, Dr Ayad has developed a deep understanding of the face and an intuition that allows him to make a detailed assessment of your aesthetic concerns and formulate a personalised plan for you.

Dr Ayad will be able to translate those subjective, vague and uncategorisable concerns that you may have, into a set of logical and simple treatments that will make you look and feel fabulous

Full facial design

Dr Ayad will perform a holistic assessment of the natural proportion and balance, highlights and shadows, and contours and curves, from the forehead to the neck. This is followed by a comprehensive aesthetic plan to restore the natural curves and proportions of your face and optimise the highlights so that you look, feel and photograph beautifully! Treatments may include nonsurgical, skin and surgical treatments. The plan may also involve a scheduled and gradual approach over 3-12 months to achieve the final result that you will be delighted with.

Side profile balancing

The side profile is a set of component parts, including the forehead, nose, midface, lips and chin, which all complement and impact each other and contribute to the overall balance. Dr Ayad is an expert in this area and will make a holistic assessment and treatment plan to restore the natural proportion and balance of your side profile. Treatments may include nonsurgical, skin and surgical treatments. The plan may also involve a scheduled and gradual approach over 3-12 months to achieve the final masterpiece so you can have the confidence to have your photo snapped from any angle, knowing that your profile is balanced and beautiful!

Mid face protocol

Mid-face Protocol Dr Ayad’s technique for restoring the natural anatomy of the whole mid-face area and replenish the natural volume where it belongs, including the mid-face, under-eyes and cheekbones. This can give beautiful lifting and contour without ever looking harsh or fake. By targeting your natural fat pockets, it means that every treatment is individual and perfectly tailored to your own face!

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