Chin, neck and lower face

Chin Enhancement with filler can make the jawline appear smoother and more feminised.

Chin, neck and lower face Dr Ayad Harb

Chin Enhancement

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, the chin is often a neglected area. However, it is easy to underestimate how much difference a well-proportioned, slim and smooth chin can make to your face and side profile.

A more tapered chin can make the jawline appear smoother and more feminised. For men, a broader and more prominent chin gives the face a more masculine and chiseled appearance.

Your chin can be lengthened slightly to give more balance to your face and it can complement your cheeks, giving subtle highlights and a more beautiful, heart-shaped face. A well proportioned chin can also give a much more balanced profile, both from all angles and hide the double-chin fat.


Jawline definition

A crisp, well defined jawline is a very desirable feature and is extremely popular amongst both men and women. It conveys youth and physical fitness. A defined jawline also frames the face and can produce a slim, feminine contour or a broader, more chiseled, masculine structure, depending on your own preference and face-shape. 

Jawline definition is achieved using specialised dermal filler gels that are injected along the jawline. By adding support to the boney structure of your jawline and a little volume to the skin, we are able to sculpt a beautiful and smooth jawline and help to hide a sagging jawline and double chin.


TOP TIP : The lower face sometimes needs reduction rather than enhancement

Jawline slimming

Jawline slimming with botox will help to relax overactive jaw muscles, which can be responsible for a widened jaw, teeth grinding and TMJ pain. A wide jawline is often produced not by fat, but by an overactive and tense muscle, called the masseter. The masseter is a chewing muscle that can become enlarged and cause a widening of the lower face and physical symptoms like tooth grinding and headaches.

Botox injections are extremely effective at relaxing this muscle, helping to slim your lower face to create a more tapered, heart-shaped face. This also helps to rebalance your face with more prominent cheekbones and a beautiful contour. Botox injections are painless and quick. Results are expected to last around 6 months.

Double chin reduction

The double chin is a common concern for many people. Double chin is caused by a combination of excess fat and skin under the chin, as well as weak muscles, which can sag and worsen the appearance of the double chin. A double chin can be treated with fat dissolving injections and skin tightening treatments such as morpheus8, in mild cases. A heavy double chin can be treated very effectively with FACEtite and submental liposuction.

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