3 Point Rhino Nose Correction

An insecurity about the nose can affect a patient's everyday life, confidence and self-esteem, from teenage years to later life

3 Point Rhino Nose Correction Dr Ayad Harb

What is the 3-Point Rhino?

In the past, the only realistic solution for correcting a cosmetic issue with the nose was surgical rhinoplasty and for a lot of people, that was a step too far. Dr Ayad introduced his 3-point Rhino® technique in 2014 and changed the rules of the game! Since then, Dr Ayad has become a world authority on nonsurgical nose correction, performing over 2000 treatments a year and offering advanced training to the best practitioners around the world.

The 3-point Rhino® is Dr Ayad’s technique for nonsurgical nose correction, which was the first rhinoplasty ever performed live on UK television, on This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Dr Ayad has also recently featured on BBC1 The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery, showcasing his nose treatments.


The number 1 nonsurgical rhinoplasty in the world

Dr Ayad is believed to have performed the largest number of nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures worldwide! In 2020 Dr Ayad published his results in the PRS journal, which is the most prestigious plastic surgery journal in the world. This publication broke the record for the largest series ever published and has earned Dr Ayad worldwide acclaim.


A safe and reliable technique

Dr Ayad’s signature and world-famous nonsurgical nose treatment involves injection of specialised Hyaluronic Acid gel into specific points on the nose, to produce a straighter, softer and more lifted profile. The technique, in Dr Ayad’s hands, is safe, quick and reliable and the results are absolutely beautiful, time and time again.

Nose correction without surgery

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty offers a viable and legitimate alternative to patients who want to make a delicate cosmetic change to their nose, without undergoing aggressive, expensive and risky surgery. nonsurgical rhinoplasty cannot fix all issues concerning the nose, however, it is a very versatile treatment that has helped many thousands of patients and continues to be our most popular treatment, with patients travelling from all parts of the world to be treated by Dr Ayad.

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