Dr Ayad Harb believes in offering patients a complete, transparent and fair picture of costs when choosing their treatment. In line with GMC best practice, we do not offer discounts or incentives.

Our fees vary and reflect practitioner experience, treatment complexity and clinic location. All prices ‘from’ the quoted figure.

Check our full fee structure below. If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

Please check our Terms and conditions before you book.

Aesthetics & Beauty

An opportunity to discuss your face, skin and body concerns with one of our experts. Consultations are charged, however fees are redeemable against any treatment on the same day

Dr Ayad £250

Associate £95

Therapist £45

Botulinum injections are used to relax overactive muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face. All prices vary from one practitioner to another, so these prices act as a guide only

1 area £150

2 areas £250

3 areas 350 – 450

Full face & neck £450 – 575

Excess sweating £450 – 575

Jawline slimming £350 – 450

Dermal fillers are extremely popular for restoring the volume in your face, lifting cheeks and enhancing lips. All prices vary from one practitioner to another, so these prices act as a guide only

Hyaluronic Acid 1ml £350-495

Radiesse 1.5ml £350-495

Forehead 1-2ml £395-750

Temples 1-2ml  £395 -750

Tear troughs 1ml £395-475

Cheeks 1-2ml £395-750

Lips 0.7-1ml £350-495

Chin 1-2ml £395-750

Jawline 1-2ml £395-750

Skin Booster £350 per session


The safest and most popular medical rhinoplasty technique in the world by Dr Ayad and his team. Please note that Complex refers to post-surgical or post-traumatic noses or those deemed more complicated or high-risk than usual

The 3-Point Rhino £575-750

Complex Nose £675-950

Botox £150

Specially designed botox, filler and skin booster packages that offer great value as well as a holistic treatment of a specific area or the face as a whole

Annual Refresh Botox, filler (2-3ml) & skin booster £950-1850

Full Face Design Whole face assessment and treatment with Botox, fillers (upto 5-10ml) and skin boosters £1200-2500

Upper Face Forehead, temples and brows with filler (3-5ml) £800-1550

Mid face and Eyes Cheeks, tear troughs and contour with filler (3-6ml) £800-1850

Lower face Jawline, chin and jowls with filler (3-6ml) £800-1850

Peri-oral Lips, smile lines, smokers’ lines with filler (3-5ml) £800-1550

Side Profile forehead, nose, lips, chin and mid-face filler (3-6ml) £800-1850

Skin Hydration 2 sessions of skin boosters (4ml) £675-895

Collagen Stimulation Radiesse wash for full face or neck (6-9ml) £1350-1850

A selection of fine skin treatments targeting the most common complaints of ageing, scarring and pigmentation

Morpheus 8 (face) £420

Morpheus 8 (face & neck) £475

Milk Peel (light) £50

Skin Peel (medium) £180

Skin Peel (deep) £550

Microneedling £150

PRP + Microneedling £375

Laser rejuvenation £250

Laser resurfacing £350


Hydrafacial £135

Milk Peel £50

Dermaplaning £50

IPL Facial £150

Laser Hair Removal £45

Electrolysis £25

Waxing £25

Skin Tag Removal £50

Patch test £25

Skin lesion £50

IPL facial £150

Carbon facial £95

Tattoo removal £50

Derm consultation £180

Derm review £180

Full mole check £250

Mole curettage £300

Mole excision £475

Steroid injection £250

Histology £170


An opportunity to discuss your face, skin and body concerns with one of our surgeons. Consultations are charged.

Dr Ayad £250

EndoLift (face) £2500

EndoLift (eyes) £2200

ACCUtite £2500

FACEtite £4000

BODYtite £5500

TUMMYtite £5500

Liposuction (1 area) £4000

Liposuction (additional) £1500

Fat transfer add £1500 to liposuction per area

Eyelid Lift (upper) £3200

Internal brow lift £1500

Brow lift £3200

Earlobe repair £1200

Buccal fat £3200

Lip Lift £2400

Mole curettage £300

Mole excision £500

Cyst/lump £575

Lipoma £575

Scar revision £475-875

Histology £170

Mini tummy tuck £4500

Gynaecomastia £5500

Arm lift £7000

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