Does Exercise Really Cause “Jogger’s Face”?

Running is one of the best ways to strengthen your body, shed the fat and boost your mind. But can it predispose you to developing a gaunt, prematurely-aged appearance, known as "Jogger's Face"?

Does Exercise Really Cause "Jogger's Face"? Dr Ayad Harb

The short answer is no and yes. Read the full details on the latest blog article on the website – link in bio



Running per se does not directly cause hollowing or laxity in the face. However there are several factors that a voracious runner is exposed to, which may contribute to the typical appearance and characteristics we see with Joggers face.



Our natural fat plays an important role in the shape, lift and contours of the face. High level exercise, or weight loss by other means, will eventually lead to the loss of this fat and the subsequent loss of the youthful plumpness of the face. This may also produce hollowing in the mid-face, cheeks and temples leading to facial characteristics we normally associate with old age.



Outdoor running may also expose the skin to UV radiation, even on cloudy days. UV radiation causes damage in the skin cells, collagen and elastin fibres leading to thinning and premature ageing, as well as predisposing to skin cancers.



It is also thought that the repetitive and high impact bouncing of the facial tissues may, over time, cause damage and stretching to the supporting ligaments of the face and predispose to heaviness and laxity in the skin and fat of the face.





Finally, there may be a direct damage effect on the tissues caused by the low oxygen state during intensive exercise, causing cellular stress and premature damage. 

So what can we do about it?

Does Exercise Really Cause "Jogger's Face"? Dr Ayad Harb

The best way to protect the skin from the effects of UV damage is to wear a high factor SPF at all times when jogging and exercising outdoors, even on cloudy days.


Make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after exercise.


Make sure that your skin remains well hydrated by using a good moisturiser with SPF


If possible, try to avoid extreme exercise routines that consume the remaining morsels of body fat, particularly on the face. There is no underplaying the importance of keeping an active and healthy lifestyle, just remember that at the extreme end of the spectrum, your facial fat may start suffering and this may be reflected on your face and appearance.


Skin treatments that reverse the signs of damage include radio frequency and micro needling such as Morpheus8. These help to restore the collagen and elastic stock in the skin and will help to maintain the smoothness and strength of the skin.


Internal moisturisers and skin boosters such as Profhilo, Redensity 1 and PRP will infuse the skin with a much needed dose of Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and growth factors to keeping it soft, smooth and well hydrated.


Restoring the volume that has been lost in the face is also an important step in minimising the appearance of hollowness and premature ageing. The natural fat compartments can be replenished with natural Hyaluronic Acid or fat to restore them back to their natural levels. This will in turn restore the youthful volume and contours to the face and reverse some of the characteristics of Jogger’s Face.

Finally, in more advanced cases and where the damage is already done, then more powerful treatments such as EndoLift, Facetite or even surgical correction may be required to reverse the visible signs of damage and ageing.

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